torsdag 16. juni 2011

Update: Not as active


As you guys may have noticed is that I have not posted anything in a couple of days now, and I just wanted to inform you that im currently finishing off my last things in school, and thus have not been able to post anything.

But fear not! I will be back and posting within 1 week! (School ends next week!)


5 kommentarer:

  1. School is more important! Good luck with your last week, see you when you get back to the net!

  2. Good luck with your school work. Looking forward to seeing more posts by you when you return.

  3. Good luck man!
    And don't worry. We are loyal brothers. ;)

  4. Understood. School is important! Don't worry about your blog, it'll always be back here when you're finished.

  5. Stuff's getting intense by me too, i almost forgot i had a blog starting up xD!